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Imp (Upgrade: Familiar)

  • Imps and familiars mean swarms of little winged creatures that will overwhelm enemy forces. Fortunately these creatures are weak and an experienced warrior can bring on numerous damages in their ranks. The imps and familiar are a real annoyance for any Hero gifted in magic, as they have the unique ability to destroy or even steal mana from the enemy.

Horned Demon (Upgrade: Horned Overseer)

  • The demons and grunts are the basic infantry of the inferno troops. They are resistant and can sustain an enemy charge thanks to their high number on the battlefield. The horned demons have the unique capability to sacrifice themselves in a huge explosion of primal chaos energy.

Hell Hound (Upgrade: Cerberus)

  • Hell hounds and cerberi are the spearhead of the inferno forces. Their incredible attack skill gives them a huge devastation power within enemy ranks. However these creatures are not very resistant and therefore should not stay in a long melee combat. They are at their best when used for skirmish combat or to finish weakened enemies. On top of that the cerberi can strike several units at once thanks to their 3 heads.

Succubus (Upgrade: Succubus Favorite)

  • Succubi are the only shooters within Inferno ranks, they should therefore be used as support troops for the attacking units. This is all the more true as they have the ability to counter-strike on enemy ranged attacks. The enemy will always hesitate before engaging a combat against them. Use this at your own advantage.

Hell Stallion (Upgrade: Nightmare)

  • The nightmares the most reactive and fastest Inferno creatures. They will cross the battle field to fiercely charge into enemy ranks. These creatures have such a reputation for unforgiveness that they will make the enemy flee in panic, and even creatures that are stronger than them. When engaged in a melee against them the enemy won't fight back.

Pit Fiend (Upgrade: Pit Lord)

  • Pit fiends and Pit Lords are the most skilled warriors amongst Inferno troops. They also have the ability to cast devastating spells to weaken the enemy or even spread death on a whole area of the battlefield. Gifted in both defense and attack, these creatures are the backbone of any successful strategy.

Devil (Upgrade: Arch Devil)

  • The devils are the ultimate representatives of chaos on Ashan. Their power and agility are unequaled amongst Inferno troops. These monsters have access to the infernal reality plan at will and can therefore teleport on the battlefield. The archdevils have the supreme ability to call for Pit Lord reinforcements straight from inferno.