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Haven Screenshots
Hero on adventure map
Pit Lord vs Angel
Demon guard faerie ring
Swordman vs Succubus
Hero on battlefield
Archer shoot Succubus
Hero near the river
Hero aproach mine
Swordman vs Pit Fiend
Hero cast spell
Haven units
Hero meet Succubus
Nightmare guard artifact
Hero explore the land
Hero aproach farm
Landscape with flag
Sulfur mine guarded by Imp
Peasants guard Gem mine
Hero near the farm
Griffin vs Hellhound
Griffin vs Archdevil
Human Hero meet Archdevil
Hero bless troops
Haven adventure trail
Hero meet the Demon
Hero explore adventure map
Hero collect chests
Hero visiting farm
Human Town
Adventure building
Human Hero sneak behind the Devil
Human Hero explore Infernal landscape
Human Hero aproach the boat
Hero explore the adventure map
Human Hero near the Academy Town
Human Hero approach adventure building
Human Hero near the Artifact
Devil guard the scroll
Human Heroes on the adventure map