The Sharpshooters were hiding in the shadows watching the battle between the Marksmen and Lizardmen. Wanting to prove how great they were, the Sharpshooters challenged them both to a battle... at the same time.

The Combatants

Lizard Warriors are perhaps the most unpopular shooter in Heroes III, and they come from what is probably the most unpopular town in the game. They come from the upgraded level 2 dwelling in the Fortress town. Lizard Warriors did recieve improved stats in Shadow of Death/Heroes III Complete that improved their Health, Attack, Defense, Damage, and Weekly Production. Cost: 140 Gold Advantages: ranged attack Quote: Please don't confuse me with Jar-Jar... and tell Rogue to move the cursor before taking screenshots.

Marksmen come from the upgraded level 2 creature dwelling in the Castle town. They're relatively popular because of their double attack. Cost: 150 Gold Advantages: faster than lizard warriors, shoots twice Quote: These helmets don't do a damn thing...

Sharpshooters don't come from any particular town, but are trained by a Vori Elf named Gelu in secret treetop ninja fortresses. Gelu takes the best Archers, Marksmen, Elves, and Grand Elves, and trains them to be Sharpshooters. Cost: 400 Gold Advantages: high speed, high damage, no range or barrier penalty Quote: Gelu chose us over you for a reason... We rule and you suck.

The Numbers

Based on Attack, Defense, and Damage values.

  • Average damage per Lizard warrior is 3.5
  • Average damage per Marksman is 2.5
  • Average damage per Sharpshooter is 9
  • Lizard Warriors deal 90% damage versus Sharpshooters
  • Marksmen deal 90% damage versus Sharpshooters
  • Sharpshooters deal 145% damage versus Marksmen
  • Sharpshooters deal 120% damage versus Lizard Warriors

Round 1

Sharpshooters are fastest, and they attack the Marksmen, who are the biggest threat

  • 9 damage * 50 Sharpshooters = 450 damage
  • 450 damage * 145% = 652 damage
This kills all 50 Marksmen with 152 damage overkill.

Marksmen don't get to attack, because they're dead.

Now the Lizard Warriors get to attack

  • 3.5 damage * 50 Lizard Warriors = 175 damage
  • 175 damage * 90% = 157 damage
  • 157 damage / 2 (for long range) = 78 damage
5 Sharpshooters die and the top one has 12 health remaining.

Round 1 Survivors (and health of top creature)

  • 50 Lizard Warriors (15/15 health)
  • 45 Sharpshooters (12/15 health)

Round 2

Sharpshooters attack the Lizard Warriors

  • 9 damage * 45 Sharpshooters = 405 damage
  • 405 damage * 120% = 486 damage
32 Lizard Warriors die and the top one has 9 health remaining.

Lizard Warriors attack the Sharpshooters

  • 3.5 damage * 18 Lizard Warriors = 63 damage
  • 63 damage * 90% = 56 damage
  • 56 damage / 2 (for long range) = 28 damage
2 Sharpshooters die and the top one has 14 health remaining.

Round 2 Survivors (and health of top creature)

  • 18 Lizard Warriors (9/15 health)
  • 43 Sharpshooters (14/15 health)

Round 3

Sharpshooters attack the Lizard Warriors

  • 9 damage * 43 Sharpshooters = 387 damage
  • 387 damage * 120% = 464 damage
The last 18 Lizard Warriors die and there was 200 points of overkill.

Lizard Warriors drop their trophy and begin the decay process. The Sharpshooters spend Round 4 dancing and celebrating their glorious victory then fill the trophy with red wine.

Round 3 Survivors (and health of top creature)

  • 43 dancing Sharpshooters (14/15 health)


Well, that was a slaughter, and Sharpshooters are cool.

It would have been smarter of the Lizard Warriors/Marksmen to split into several smaller stacks to cause the Sharpshooters to do even more overkill with each shot. On the other hand, it would have also been smarter for the Sharpshooters to split into smaller stacks (maybe five stacks of 10) so there wouldn't be so much overkill. Perhaps the first 40 Sharpshooters could have killed off the Marksmen in the first round, and the last 10 Sharpshooters could have killed a couple Lizard Warriors. That would have made the fight go even more in the Sharpshooters favor.