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Starting skills

A very common critisism of HoMM4 was that the heroes were too similar, since heroes from the same class only differed in name and appearance. On the other hand, the difference between the classes was much larger than it was in HoMM3 and previous installments. HoMM5 should have a proper balance between the two sides. What I propose is that every hero will start with the skills of their class and, depending on history, one more skill, from a certain list. The list should make sense, because it would not be logic to have a hero start with both life and death magic.

Starting: Alchemy, materialism.
One of: Attack, Order, Life, Death, Armory.

Starting: Scouting, archery.
One of: Attack, Tactics, Nature, Life, Archeon, Warding.

Starting: Attack, offense.
One of: Tactics, Scouting, Nobility, Survival.

Starting: Attack, swiftness.
One of: Tactics, Nobility, Alchemy, Order, Death, Armory.

Starting: Nobility, mining.
One of: Tactics, Scouting, Attack, Archeon, Chaos, Scaling.

Death Knight.
Starting: Tactics, defense.
One of: Attack, Nobility, Death, Chaos, Alchemy, Disabling.

Starting: Nature, herbalism.
One of: Scouting, Nobility, Life, Archeon, Chaos, Warding.

Starting: Tactics, leadership.
One of: Scouting, Attack, Nobility, Life, Order, Protection.

Starting: Nobility, estates.
One of: Tactics, Attack, Order, Life, Alchemy, Disruption.

Starting: Order, enchantment.
One of: Tactics, Life, Alchemy, Death, Disruption.

Starting: Death, occultism.
One of: Tactics, Nobility, Chaos, Order, Alchemy, Disabling.

Starting: Life, healing.
One of: Nobility, Tactics, Order, Nature, Protection.

Starting: Scouting, pathfinding.
One of: Attack, Nobility, Chaos, Nature, Archeon, Guarding.

Starting: Survival, (the spell point skill with the magic).
One of: Archeon, Chaos, Death, Life, Nature, Order.

Starting: Chaos, conjugation.
One of: Scouting, Archeon, Nature, Death, Guarding.

Starting: Archeon, conservation.
One of: Tactics, Chaos, Nature, Order, Scaling.

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