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Welcome to the Heroes of Might and Magic V proposals. The content of this webpage is the result of almost a year of posting on forums like Heroes Community, The Round Table, Guardians Grove and others. During this time, many of the ideas started to come together as an almost complete design for the new game.

Of course, some of the content was changed over time as ideas became irrelevant or were improved. For example, my system used to be an Octagon. Now, it is a Septagon, because the Spirit town made no sense for the rest of the storyline. The Archeons will also be reformed.

Most of the depth in my proposals lies within the storyline and the build-up of towns. I made a number of proposals for the gameplay, but not is as much depth. It can always be added, though.

The setup for HoMM5 will mostly be based on the septagon (previously known as the Octagon, before I kicked out one town). The septagon shows how the towns are allied and how they perceive the other towns. In HoMM4, this was implemented in a way, but a flawed way according to some people. For example, the Order town was allied to both Life and Death, while those two were supposed to be archenemies.
Also, the towns of Life and Death were obviously enemies. The same thing with the towns of Order and Chaos, which left the town of Nature standing by itself. In the new septagon, each town has two allied towns, two distrusted towns and two enemy towns. Please refer to the diagram below to see it more clearly.

For more information, please refer to the story.

Marelt Ekiran.

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