Heroes exploring lands, seas and undergrounds, gathering treasures, recourses, artifacts defend towns and conquer new ones, travel with troops in order to lead them to victory. To gain new skills and increase their abilities at skills they already possess. That is how I used to know "Heroes".

There are two herotypes for each castle. One type specializes in the use of magic and the other is specialized in battle. My game will get the medieval fairy tale atmosphere from H2 back.

For THE MAGICIANS there are 3 levels of spellcasting.

· The first and lowest class of spellcasters need to use a spellbook in order to cast spells, which takes a turn to cast a spell.

· The second class are the magicians who cast spells with their hands.

· The third and highest class are the magicians who can cast spells with mind and can cast spells in battles they aren’t present, they can control nature. This third class belongs to grandmasters only

THE FIGHTERS TYPE also has levels of combat art. But this depends on which type of fighter: warrior, archer, etc.

A MIXED TYPE: type can never obtain a grandmaster level.



Possible... will have the advantage,you can build the same town as your first one and musn't play with towns you don't want to play with. disadvantage:you won’t share knowledge between the diffrent kind of towns


Depends on 3 things,resources,employee,inventions.

RESOURCES:are basically needed for constructing buildings and for creature recruit. It also a bargain tool in diplomatic relations.

INVENTIONS:needed to improve the abilities of your buildings.

(so a townhall can become a cityhall and eventually a capitol,also the castle development,and other developments like extra wall/watchtower defence,every None-creature building has the ability to expand )

For creature dwellings you must do X inventions so the higher level creatures will become available(and ofcours,like in the previous games you should have build x other buildings first too)


The represent the workforce available to your town. The amount of staff in your town depends on development of the town.you need staff to be able to build everything. How fast everything is built (how many turns it takes)depends on the quantity of the staff present at your castle.

The number of staff members depends on the town development.The staff is also used for castle defences, extra resources,watchtower,digging canals around the castle,repairing damage to walls after siege. When conquering a town you could send some supplies and staff to that town  in order to start rebuilding it. When conquering a neutral town you can send some staff/supplies to aid the construction of the town. You can give the staff the order to build up the conquered town automatically(at least as much as your first town is developed)


- settlement (max. 200 staff) à income of 500 gold/day

- village hall(max. 400 staff) à 1000 gold/day

- town hall(max. 600 staff) à2000 gold/day

- cityhall(max 800 staff) à 5000 gold/day

- Capitol(max. 1000 staff) à 10 000 gold/day


- fort:Level 1-2 creaturedwellings available

- citadel:Level 3-4 creaturedwellings available

- castle:Level 5-6 creaturedwellings available

- Palace:Level 7-8 creaturedwellings available


Instead of building all creaturedwelling levels, you have the possibility to build additions to the same level dwellings you already posses instead,when building additions to a dwelling a higher quantity of that specific creature will be available every week.

You can also build diffrent dwelling types of the same level. However,they will be replaced with the higher dwelling levels.So the higher level dwelling will be disabled. But you have more dwelling types of the lower level wich means you get more creatures You can max build 4 additions and you can max build 2 diffrent creature dwelling types of the same level.


There is great strategy involved knowing your armies strengths and  weaknesses during battle.

LEADERSHIP LEVEL OF A HERO:will decide wich level creatures he can command and how good he can command an army. This means a new, Low level hero with almost no leadership can’t command big armies very well or can’t command a high level creature at all. The leadership of a hero decides the dicipline of an army.

MORAL:The enthousiasme of creatures toward the hero. Decided by what kind of places you visite on the map (like previous game) But Every castle type will get diffrent moral visiting diffrent places. So e.g an undeath army increases moral by visiting tombs,graveyards,ghostships. And decreases moral by visiting gardens,springs etc.

While the nature town increases moral by visiting gardens, springs and decreases moral by visiting graveyards,tombs etc. The moral you get also depends on wich kind of armies you battle with. If your army fights with another army that your army hates their moral will increase.

But when your army attacks another army of their own kind,or an army that they like their moral will decrease.


Beside the resistance of creatures to all kind of spells and attacks Every creature in the game will hate,like,fear,or be neutral to another creature. So you’ll have to know wich creature you use to attack another creature.

HATE: chance that creature attacks the creature it hates without waiting for your command.With increased damage. it depends on discipline in your army however.

FEAR: chance that a creature is afraid to carry out a task. this depends on discipline. Some creature stack could get the fear freeze after you have ordered it to do something, and the chance of freeze should depend on what you ordered it to do and moral.

There are two different levels of fear effects: one that freezes and the other that just causes reduced damage when attacking melee.

LIKE:Big Chance that a creature betrays you and joins another.It also depends on your dicipline in the army. E.g a Necromancer has pixies in the zombie army.And attacks a nature army. The pixies will betray the necromancer.(if the hero has bad leadership and the army has bad dicipline)

NEUTRAL:the creatures are in most cases willing to carry out a task. Whether a creatures betrays you will depend only on the moral, the dicipline and the leadership of your hero.If the enemy hero has better dicipline and moral,or is from the same castle as the creature,there is a chance your creature will betray you. Also whether the creature in your army is in nature hostile or not toward you/the enemy hero type will decide this.


Besides the character of the creatures also the terrain has an influence on battles. Creatures that fight a battle on native terrain could have an advantage opposed to creatures from another terrain. Creatures that fight a battle on a totally wrong terrain will have lower defence and attack. Creatures that fight a battle on native terrain will have higher defence and attack

When both creature types could belong to a terrain this won't have any effect on the battle


you_ll have the possibility to split up your creature stacks every turn during combat. This will give more strategic possibilities to combat. A player could make more tactical decisions with the contitutional advantages/disadvantages of his action. When you split up a creature stack you can attack more diffrent enemy troops in one turn, But the smaller stacks will do less damage and will be weaker. Whether it's smart or not to split up a stack depends on a lot of things, like your creatures type(flying/shooting, groundtroops....),level,amount,moral,type of battle:castle/or outside,terrain,strenght of enemy.


Every town has a magicguild with unique spells And a Warriorguild ,in both of them you can invent things.like E.g.

in a warriorguild: catapult with common rocks to attack a town, could be improved to rocks with fire in later stage,and finally to dynamite and bombs,better hooves for cavalary speed,all this depends on the type of castle too

MageGuild:The type of magic is individual/unique for every town,you need a mageguild if you want to obtain the higher level spells of a type of magic,by research you could improve the power of magic,with this you can also invent better equipment with magical protection for the town creatures. protect your townwalls with a magic aura,vision stones,If there are magical creatures present in your castle,the powers of their magic can be upgraded


has only been present in the land with the others for a few centuries,although they've spread across all parts of the land and have become varied in appearance and nature. Their adaptability allows them to live and thrive in nearly any climate. they are destined to dominate the entire world

Also are they known to use a wide array of combat tactics against other enemies.depending on the nature of the enemy. they are a sign of life


LEVEL 1:squire:Men with mace ,2% chance to stun

LEVEL 2:pikeman:with their spear they can attack from some distance wich makes it difficult for the enemy creature to do something back.

LEVEL 3:Scout : archer with poor defence

Upg choice 1 :Bowmen:aways do 100% damage to a creature in ranged attacks,marksmen have stronger defence

Upg choice 2:Marksmen:2 shots in each ranged attack

LEVEL 4:Swordmen:the towns elit troops,troops normally used for castle defence

Upg choice 1:Crusader:Better equipment,shining sword.better defence

Upg choice 2:Paladine:can cast bless upon the allied units,glowing yellow,red sword

Upg choice 3:gladiator:Although they have less defence,they are very muscled men with lots of endurance carrying 2 swords

LEVEL 5:griffin: ,half loin,half bird,flying unit,good defence/attack

Upg choice 1:royal griffin:better defence/attack than a normal griffin and 20% chance to stun a creature

Upg choice 2:Hippogrif:The Hippogrif is legendary animal that is half

Griffin and half horse. The forequarters and head is that of the griffin,larger than the common griffin,much faster than the normal griffin,the further they must fly to attack their opponent ,the more chance they have to increas their damage to an opponent

OR choose

LEVEL 5:Lammasu:A Lammasu has the body of a lion the wings of a giant eagle the face of a human(old man)mixed with lionface Lammasu's are said to be noble creatures that look after those that are good. They prey on those creatures that are evil. They are strong creatures they can easily take down larger creatures with its lions claws.extra damage to undeath

LEVEL 6:Initiate:specialize in the learning of magic of the Mind, Spirit and Body

Upg choice 1:Monk:strong defence,cast heal,no ranged attack.but can dodge in an attack(specialized in bodymagic wich is heal,bless and stuff)

Upg choice 2 :zealots:controle and project their personal energie force,ranged blast,can't dodge(controle the magic of spirit)

Upg choice 3:priest:ability to cast some of The "damage spells" of light(specialized in mind magic) And able to cast heal

LEVEL 7:Cavalier:horse mounted cavalier deal extra damage,elite troop,light cavalry first strike

Upg choice 1:griffin ridder: cavalier on flying griffin,griffin equipped with armour.

Upg choice 2:Champion:heavy equipment,high defence --->slower,heavy cavalry (jousting bonus).

Upg choice 3:charioteer: 2 horses/attached carriage with warrior on it.very fast

LEVEL 8:Angel:can resurrect some allied units,greater offence and defence.immune to expert spell level



They make their homes in the ancient forest where they feel at one with the natural beauty of their surrounding.they take pleasure in the finer points of life,and arts of nature.they don't trust others easly


LEVEL 1 : Pixie:fast,small,hard to hit in combat…2%chance to blind a creature

Upg choice 1 :Fairy :stronger defence,faster 6%chance to blind or confuse.but more chance to hit them

Upg choice 2:wood spirit:they can make themselfs invisible for the enemie because they are so small,at least...until they attack an enemie unit.

LEVEL 2:Gnome:Weak hand to hand fighter, but because of their intelligence the know the basical nature spells,reasonable defence

OR choose

Satyr: stronger hand to hand fighter,casts luck,bless upon the whole army

OR choose

Leprechaun:can also cast luck upon the army,able to teleport themself and to duplicate themself( two weaker versions)

LEVEL 3: Elves:because of their shap eyes they are excellent fast archers..

Upg choice 1:bladedancer: have 2 glimering swords ,hits more then one enemy in a attack

Upg choice 2:WoodElves:carry bow , shoot twice and does max damage

LEVEL 4:Dendroid:strong living trees with high defences and strong attack

Upg choice 1:dendroid gaurd:can bind a creature to the ground

Upg choice 2:Ent:Ancient ,gaint living tree with high defence and strong attack,does extra damage to watchtowers and walls.

Upg choice 3:Dryad:Ancient woman spirit trees,that increases moral of troops,posses some mind spells.and when you choose for dryads you'll be able to craft a special poweful staff (artifact) from ancient enchanted dryadwood in your blacksmith (only available in the game when choosing dryads)

LEVEL 5:Pegasus:immune to magic,does extra damage to creatures of evil orgin.

LEVEL 6: Unicorn:protected by an aura of magic Immune to expert magic,if a creature is attacked by a unicorn it loses moral+30% chance to blind a creature,+30% damage to creatures of evil

LEVEL 7:Gold dragon:very big,powerfull breath ,immune to all master level spells,involk fear

OR choose

Green dragon:poisionous attack,poison immune,immune all master level spells

LEVEL 8:fairy dragon:incredible strong,knows all spells ,immune to all spells



death has many secrets , but knows all, undead creatures seek solely to destroy all living creatures and add them to their soulless ranks.they are already dead and have little to fear. They can be destroyed most often by brute force, Undead often resort to victory by numbers. Expecting such tactics, many towns has been surprised and overrun by the high quantities of undead

herotypes: Necromancer-death knight

LEVEL 1 : Skeleton:weak but high number/week production.

Upg choice 1:Skeleton warior:stronger equipment

Upg choice 2:Skeleton archer:with bow,lower defence

LEVEL 2:Zombie:regular zombie,diseas attack (rotten limbs missing,flies,the works )

Upg choice 1:Ghoul: stronger,faster,corps eating ability,(may use a turn to "attack"(eat) a dead stack to regain hitpoints,and wake some other ghouls from the corpses)

Upg Choice 2:doppelganger:Can duplicate another humanoids of level

2,3,4, this duplicated creature has the HP of the normal creture,however special abilities of that specific creature,defence will be weaker for some of the duplicates

LEVEL 3:Wight:mind damage,

Upg choice 1:Wraith:spellpoint drain,curse,regeneration strong in close combat

Upg choice 2:banshee:unholy scream attack,damage all enemies,regeneration

Upg choice 3:spectre:energie drain,immune ice magic,regeneration.

Upg choice 4:incarnate:regeneration,chance to possess body of enemie unit,depending on the quantity of incanates

LEVEL 4:Revenant:pale yellow eyed humanoids with sharp teeth,like revenant from MM7. No relation,limited lifedrain,not a vampire yet

Upg choice 1:Vampire:bloodsucking,regeneration,lifedrain,sometimes wake other dead enemie creatures as vampires

Upg Choice 2: Nosferatu:ability to teleport themself,invisibility,lifedrain

LEVEL 5:undead sorcerer:know all expert death level spells

Upg choice 1 :Skeleton mage:a better spellcaster(looks like H3 lich)

Upg choice 2:Lich :instead of learning better and stronger magic,liches focus all their strenght into a devastating deathcloud

LEVEL 6:undeath champion:like an undead crusader,curse attack,negate first strike. Sinister black full plate armour.lots of spikes and sharp edges

Upg choice 1:black champion:adds undeath horse to black knight,stronger faster,(H3 type)

Upg choice 2:dread ridder:with an undeath pegasi,or wyvren(several options),the ability to fly,faster.

LEVEL 7: Undeath dragon: the rotten corpse of a dragon,slow,can’t fly,decay breath-attack(hits creatures behind initial target,target gets max Low moral,an diseas) Looks like a dragon well into decomposition.

OR choose

Bone Dragon: immune to ranged attack,involk fear.can fly. H4 looks

OR choose

Ghost dragon:Ability to fly,ability to curse a greater

LEVEL 8:Reaper:incredible strong,hand of death.casts all death negative spells on the enemy in one turn,very powerful ,hand of decay,everywhere an army goes with reaper in it,that part of the map will become cursed ground.can raise all enemy units that have died in battle as undeath creatures for one time.



known for their brutality in battle.they believe they are supreme,They have little, if any, respect for others,....Pride, wealth, and territory are highly valued.they believe the best way to obtain things is through war and battle.When not at war,they often fight amongst each other for lack of any other way to express their aggression


LEVEL 1 Troglodyteimmune to blind,fast growth,weak

LEVEL 2:ORCS:like to kill,loves pain,weak armour,(are berserk,can't controle them)

Upg choice 1:shaman:increases bloodlust of troops,trained,and listen to the hero,stronger better armour

Upg choice 2:warlord:stronger armour,carry an axe,if an enemy army has some basical orcs,the orc veteran can try to command the normal orcs ,the bigger the amount of veterans,the higher the chance that they succeed in controling a amount of orcs

LEVEL 3:Harpy:half woman,half vulture in appearance,return to hex they started from,poison ability

Upg choice 1:Harpy hag:attacks with such a violence ,their attack can’t be countered.

Upg choice 2:harpy witch:can involk poison,sleep,insane upon an enemie

LEVEL 4:beholder:attack is a ray projected from their eyes,weak in close combat,but better then their upgrade in ranged combat

LEVEL 5:Manticore: combination of a bat ,lion,scorpion,strong ,paralyzing ability

OR choose: Chimera:has a loin and goat head,and a snake as tail,fire breath

OR choose Minotaur:men with bulls head ,carrying golden heavy armour and a big golden axe.20%to do critical hit

LEVEL 6 :Medusa:armed with bow,good archer,their hands to hand is the same damage+40% chance to petrifying a creature.(looks like H3 Medusa queen)

LEVEL 7:Black dragon:a very powerfull breath weopon,immune to all master level spells,raises troops moral

OR choose Red Dragon:immune to all fire spells(also grand master),and master level spells

LEVEL 8 :Hydra:,lives deep beneath the earth,very powefull.



Justice is the most important thing for them,everyone is equal in their eyes and they don't like war,but have no problem to accept a war if challenged ,they study the arts of magic,and have very powerfull one


LEVEL 1:Halfling:small,trow little stones (H4 looks)

LEVEL 2:Dwarf:slow,but strong ,small fighters

Upg choice 1;Battle dwarf:use two axes ,can hit more enemies in one turn,slower

Upg choice 2:dwarvenlord:Golden chainmail,golden axe,golden helmet,faster then the others.

Upg choice 3:Runemaster:magic protected armour, carry one axe with mana points absorbing ability,can cast the basic spells of order

Upg choice 4:dwarf luitenant:A dwarf with heavy armour,big axe,possesses a horn and has the ability battlecry

LEVEL 3:Gremlins: they have attached bells and chains,ranged attack ,stronger then in the previous games ,green ugly,H3 looks

LEVEL 4:Obsidain Gargoyle:can transform themselves in stone,so an attack has less effect . immune to the medusa attack

OR choose Automaton:Mecanical swordmen with the ability to repair an amount of themselves(takes a turn),not so strong,normal defence and attack

OR choose gold golem:stronger animated creatures by migic,gets only 50% damage of a magical attack LEVEL 5:Magi:under the mentorship of wizards ,serve as order troop,in order to become full master of their craft.

Upg choice 1:Arch mage:attacks penetrate cover and deal full damage to enemies behind walls and such.

Upg choice 2:enchanter:casts spells randomly on allied troops,(below the master level)And some spells to damage an enemy(looks like enchanter from H3)

Upg choice 3:Oracle:Weaker in close combat than a magi, mental , spiritual is their way of attacking.can see how another player thinks about you

Upg Choice 4:summoner:worships the realm of elemental and can summon them all to aid in battle,air,water,fire,earth,energy,wisps,.... can also summon some low level creatures of nature, ships weaker in close combat than a magi(the choice for summoner will also unlock a few spells in your mageguild,looks like yuna in Final fantasy X)

LEVEL 6 :Genie:caster of air magic,casts positive/negative spell on a single friendly/enemie unit

Upg choice 1:master genie: casts all expert order level spells,negative,positive spells on a friendly/enemie armie

Upg choice 2:djinn:lightning strike,whirlwind: enemies will become slower

LEVEL 7: Naga:are guardian,defender of graet strenght ,immune to all master level spells

LEVEL 8:Titan:incredible powerfull,immune to all level spells,can take down watchtowers and walls in one turn,can crush an enemy with their feeth.hurl lightning bolts in ranged attack



They only use strength and brute force,they aren't very clever,and their magic is weak.they are extremely aggressive and prefer melee combat to missile attacks.


LEVEL 1:Berserker:can't controle them,big muscled men,high attack

LEVEL 2:Goblin:good basical troops,fast,bloodlust

Upg choice 1:wolf raider:hobgoblins mounted to a wolf

Upg choice 2:goblin archer:shoot posoinous arrows,weaker defence

LEVEL 3:Centaur:fast,great defence,pierce their enemies with spear(can trow them)

LEVEL 4:Ogre:deal great damage with their mace,can stun an enemy

Upg choice 1:ogre magi:ability to casts the stone skin,bloodlust spell upon an allied unit,can't stun an enemy,but greater defence

Upg choice 2:battle ogre:stronger equipment

LEVEL 5:Troll:strong,high defence,attack with clubs

Upg choice 1: Cavetroll:bigger,fat ,slower ,skin like an elephant,grey,half damage of archer attacks....but can easly destroy walls and watchtowers

Upg choice 2:river troll:green ugly big fat troll, with a club of rotten meat,faster then a common troll,higher defence(looks like the H3 troll)

Upg choice 3:Mountain trollA gaint fat black/brown haired troll with a big mace,able to hit more than one creatures in an attack with it

LEVEL 6:cyclops:one eyed gaints.throw boulders from a certain distance on townwalls and other enemie creatures

OR choose Calydonian boar:a gaint monster boar,pierce the armour of the enemy,ability to involk fear

LEVEL 7:thunderbird:when they attack there is a 50 %chance that a chainlightning will strike the whole enemy army,doing full damage

OR choose cave wyrm:a slithering giant serpent. 30% to poison a creature 20% to paralize their target.

LEVEL 8:Behemoths:the attack of those gaint creatures is very strong,greater defence,armour..always MAX damage,high defence or not

GAIA TOWNS: Are towns you can’t choose at the beginning of a game,although there is an option so you can choose if you want them to participate in a game or not. they are sort of nations ,inhabiters in the world of Homm .those castles are kind of terrain oriented and can only be found on a certain terrain.Each of those gaia towns has a leader of that gaia town… those leaders has a rare and powerfull artifact that you only can obtain if you defeat the leader(not available elsewhere in the game) In order to attack the gaia town,you must attack the throne room Their you’ll find the leader with a few gaurds depending on how much the gaia town is developed(same system as attacking a town) If the leader is defeated the castle is yours to command,but it’s not always the best decision to attack them ,sometimes it’s better to conspire,trade,betray them.give them money so they’ll attack an enemy and so on. Every normal town,chaos,life,death and such... has an amount of recources ,..depending on how much mines there are around that castle,how much the castle is developed ,staff/employee.... the development of a gaia town you posses depends on the well-being /amount of recources and such of the normal towns.you could look upon the gaia town as a parasite of the normal towns.if you have enough recourses,it isn't a problem to controle a gaia town.however if you have to little it could become difficult... the leaders inclination to become an enemy is much bigger when he is more powerfull then you are or when he has enough mines /recourses in the environment to produce a big army,when a gaia town is weak it will more easly become friendly.this also depends on the town you’re playing with.


LEVEL 1 Imp-----------Upgrade:familiar

LEVEL 2 :gogs

LEVEL 3:Hellhound----Upgrade:Cerberus

LEVEL 4:Demon

LEVEL 5:Pit fiend-------Upgrade:Pitlord

Level 6: efreet ------------Upgrade;Sultan

LEVEL 7:devil:very powerfull(h3 looks)



LEVEL 1:Mermaids---------Upgrade:siren(hypnotizing ability)

LEVEL2:Neptune------------Upgrade:triton(lightning bolt from their trident)


LEVEL4:Sea demon----------Upgrade :seadevil:another demon kind,green body filled with sharp poisonous needles.

LEVEL 5 :octopuss------------Upgrade:kraken

LEVEL 6:seaserpent------------Upgrade:scylla

LEVEL 7:seadragon



LEVEL 1:Nomads

LEVEL2:Mummy--------------upgrade:Tomb guardian

LEVEL3:Scarabian( flesheating bug)

LEVEL4:Anubis :can jump on any ememy target on the battlefieldàextra damage

LEVEL5:scorpion man----------------Upgrade:scorpion king


LEVEL 7 :phoenix:incredible strongfire breath,a fireball can resurrect the phoenix



LEVEL 1: gnoll

LEVEL 2:lizardmen

LEVEL 3:swampspider--------------Upgrade:dreadspider

LEVEL 4:serpentfly---------------Upgrade:dragon fly

OR choose Lurker: a strong gaint frog, ability to spit poison

LEVEL 5:basilisk

OR choose:cocatrice

LEVEL 6:Gorgon(the bull)-------------------Upgrade: mighty gorgon

LEVEL 7:wyvern -----------------------------------------------------------


LEVEL 1:Bandit----------upgrade:assasin

LEVEL 2:Dark Elf(several options,archer,ridder)... ------------upgrade :Patriarch

LEVEL 3: Black wolf------------------Upgrade:Werewolf:big black wolf,chance to turn some opponent creatures into werewolf

OR choose Kobalt:a small skinny earthlings,casts misfotune/curs upon the whole enemy troop(looks like gollem of Lotr)

LEVEL 4:Nightmare:the horse from H4,with a few changes

OR choose drider: Gaint black spider with a blue/grey womans body and a crown.Ability to paralize/poison

LEVEL 5:ooze OR choose venom spawn:needs a big change

LEVEL 6:Incubus:the seducive male version of the ancient demon of darkness:has the”demon-seed”ability:when a enemy creature is infected with the demon seed ,every turn a certain amount of the creature will die(depends on level),and from that certain amount a small percent of the born Incubus will join your troops

OR choose Succubus:the seducive female version of the ancient demon of darkness:ability to seduce creatures(strong version of hypnotyse)

LEVEL 7:Black Angel



LEVEL 1:snowscaper---------------Upgrade:frostling L

EVEL 2:viking

LEVEL 3:icedemon

LEVEL 4:Frost witch--------------Upgrade:valkyrie

LEVEL 5:Frost gaint--------------Upgrade:Yetti

LEVEL 6:mammoth--------------------Upgrade:mammoth rider

LEVEL 7:Azure dragon

SPECIAL DAYS (Can switch this on/off at the beginning of a game) In homm every town should has unique types of cellebrations. depending on the character(good/evil)and behaviors of that town type..... So E.g: Necropolis will have days they sacrifice they prisoners.And spread a toxic air around town that raises an extra amount of undead But the Life town: will have a honouring day for a hero,or they build a monument for the hero