Today, Heroes VII has officially been made available for pre-order. Customers can choose between several different game versions:

1. Standard Edition (retail or digital) just the full game, no extra shinies.

2. Digital Deluxe Edition. In addition to the full game, it will contain a digital version of the soundtrack, some digital contents like the Solmyr hero and an extra map scenario, and on top of it all you get the new Heroes III HD game as well.

3. Retail Collector's Edition - which we are now able to confirm will be available in the US (order it from the Uplay shop). It includes, as we have seen from the votes on the blog site, a collector's box, a 26-cm Ivan figurine, a 96 page artbook, the soundtrack, two lithographs, a tarot game. There is also the digital extra contents mentioned above.

If you pre-order the game, you will get access to the Closed Beta test. Ubisoft also throw in "4 exclusive in-game portraits and 4 exclusive artefacts".

After years of ignoring North America in the release of special editions, we here at Celestial Heavens are very happy to see Ubisoft finally conceding that the US market is important; the dedicated American fans of the franchise will be glad to have the Collector's Edition box available to them.