In the vote between the Fortress and the Sylvan factions as candidates for the release version of Heroes VII, Kaspar continues his tale with the Fortress.

As a history teacher, I personally quite like these nice little stories about the peoples of Ashan. They give a certain overview in an epic fashion, since they are being told from an outsider's perspective, and they don't go too deeply into detail, something you would expect from a fantasy book but which I find unsuitable for a small article about a video game. How do you find these little tales?

I addition to the expected lore, there is something about the Dwarven units; there is a crossbow in the sketch and Kaspar says most fighters carry axes, shields and daggers. They are also expert craftsmen, capable of building excellent siege engines. Rune magic makes a return too, with fire spells as well as instilling strength in warriors, forging objects and helping during sieges. Also mentioned is the Dwarven fighting spirit. Apparently, they never surrender. I wonder if that's just a lore thing or if using Fortress units gives the same gameplay effect as the Shackles of War?

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