We have run a series of polls here on CH (thanks to all who voted) and I'd like to do a quick recap on the answers regarding future material. The reason is that I think it's time we started talking seriously about what sort of contents should be added in the future. So, let's have a look at some relevant polls:

We asked what the next faction should be (which one you'd like to see most), and just under 300 people had this to say:
  • 48.31% Academy (Wizards)
  • 19.25% Sylvan (Elves)
  • 12.83% Dungeon (Dark elves)
  • 10.47% Swamp (Lizards)
  • 9.12% Fortress (Dwarves)

You also told us with a 58-42 majority that you wanted an expansion before moving on to H7, but the numbers on whether you would buy the Pirates... DLC were all over the place. I guess, then, this is as good a time as any to find out how you feel about the DLC vs. expansion issue. Instead of going all huge and making expansions, perhaps smaller DLC packs are the way to go? What do you think? DLCs or expansions - and what should be in them? Take part in our poll and comment below!

Our current poll: Would you like Ubisoft to launch another DLC or start work on an expansion?