Currently, we are updating our CH Marketplace page to reflect the latest developments in gaming. The way it works is that CH gets a tiny percentage if people who shop at Amazon enter the Amazon site via the links on our page. So please do.

We don't do it for the money, though. The main reason why we recommend a selection of games is that we genuinely feel that the games we put up are good suggestions for purchase: Games we think you'll have fun with. Which brings me to the point: Which games to recommend?

The M&M series is a given; we all love that, and over the recent months (and years), Ubisoft have released several packages containing a selection of the old games. Indeed, one of the links provided takes you to a new collection containing all the Heroes games previously released. This re-release policy works well for us all: Ubisoft makes money and we get the old games in re-released (modern OS compatible) forms.

But what about other games? I have a couple of suggestions, of course, but I would very much like to hear from you: Which games would you recommend ... and why should we?