The fierce debate on Ubisoft's copy protection policy (outlined here) might be headed for a new chapter, as PC Gamer report that a constant net connection no longer seems to be required for Ubisoft games.

Ubisoft told Eurogamer back in April that the policy was here to stay, adding that "most forthcoming Ubisoft PC titles" would use their online services platform. Included in the list of games thought likely to use the DRM was R.U.S.E., but as was announced back in August, it was decided that the game should be using Steamworks instead of the dreaded online DRM. This was described at the time as "the first major crack in Ubisoft’s resolve" on the matter - the first chink in the armour, if you will.

Now, players of Assassin's Creed 2 and Splinter Cell: Conviction have posted screenshots showing their games running with web connections turned off. Apparently, the games only require a web connection at startup, enabling you to, as one Norwegian reviewer said it: "start up your game at home and then bring your machine with you on holiday".

There has been no official statement from Ubisoft on which, if any, DRM solution M&M: Heroes VI will use. Nor have they commented on whether the policy will be continued or abandoned completely. Celestial Heavens' view on the matter is simple to summarize, though: we remain hopeful that this draconian and counterproductive method will be stopped, and we hope that these latest developments are signs of fatigue - yet another step in the direction of Ubisoft's finally admitting their mistake and scrapping their policy altogether.