In this release, Ubisoft have published their full-year economic results for 2009-10. In short, it has been a tough year for Ubi, as it has been for the gaming industry as a whole. Last year they could show to a net profit, this year, they've lost money.

"The global economic crisis had a pronounced impact on the video game industry in 2009, which contracted by nearly 10% year-on-year. Ubisoft's sales were hit particularly hard, falling 18% over the full year despite a stabilization in the second half of the year (...) We forecast a return to profitable growth in 2010-11 with positive cash flow generation ..."
- Yves Guillemot, CEO

Here's the breakdown:
  • Full-year sales: €871 million (€1.057,9 million last year)
  • Current operating loss : €59,6 million (€128,7 profit last year)
  • Net loss: €44 million (€68,8 profit last year)

The complete report can be found here. If you're an economist, feel free to read the whole thing and then not tell me about it.

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