First, I'd like to mention the archive of Heroes II maps ByteBandit put together a couple of weeks ago. If you missed the announcement, basically, what's been done is put together a selection of hundreds of maps for Succession Wars and Price of Loyalty. If you still play those games, or want to start after the re-release on GoodOldGames, we have maps aplenty.

And now for the current piece of news; the release of the next stage of the Sighisoara team's Heroes III campaigns.
Incidentally, the first campaign, The Murdered Innkeep, is available for download here. Published today is Prime Suspect - a prologue to the second campaign in the series, entitled The Undeads of Xerphef, which is scheduled for release next year. Kudos to HeroOfPunk and Yurian Stonebow for completing this. Map description to follow:

"You play as the Undeads trying to receive an artifact stolen by bandits of Rojaice from Antholenor, which were planning to resurrect their ancient king."

I am told that the Sighi team will begin work on the second campaign immediately, and that they are always looking for people to report any bugs they may encounter. Players are also allowed to create their own scenarios to be included in the series, so if you'd like to be a part of the team and work on the maps and campaigns, feel free to contact them on their website or in our forum.

To comment on the prologue, go to the forum. If you'd like to keep up with development and read about upcoming campaigns, or if you'd like to join the Sighi team and help out, visit the Sighisoara website.

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