Today saw the release of several new maps for Heroes of Might and Magic III.

Masters of Sighisoara is the much-anticipated 4-map campaign put together by the trio Maygwan, Yurian Stonebow and HeroOfPunk. Work started out back in February, and I've got to hand it to the guys for actually following through. More often than not, these things run out in the sand; there are probably hundreds of half-finished campaigns out there. You can comment on the campaign in this dedicated forum thread.

Also put up on the CH server is Yurian's very large, very spectacular-looking American Civil War (Union), a map I can only guess is precursor to the upcoming American Civil War (North) which is currently out for testing.

If you're more into Heroes V, there's a recent release for you too: Fate of Ashan by Dark Raider. It's a Large-sized puppy for Tribes of the East.