A story of Love and Hate. War and Peace. Life and Death. Sandro is familiar with all HoMM fans who have played the HoMM games through the years. Follow his beginnings in Northern Enroth to his final stage of existance before the Gates of AvLee. All HoMM games can be used for this Campaign. They include HoMM 1, HoMM 2 (PoL), HoMM 3 (SoD), HoMM 3 (WoG 3.58f), HoMM 4 (WoW) and HoMM 4 (Equilibris). HoMM 5 was not used here, because Sandro was not included in the game. The maps included can be played individually of course. And there is a fully illustrated Document with the download that tells the story from one map to another, for those who may not have all the games. There is also "connecting" texts that explain what's going on between maps and what is about to happen. We feel some of the story elements within the maps may surprise and shock you. And we hope we have treated some situations you'll encounter, with dignity. We felt they were necessary to tell the story the way we saw it. (You will also discover why Sandro is so evil.)

Download it here.

This story has been in development by me, ByteBandit, for several years now. At the same time, I also wanted to bring the older HoMM games back from the shadows because they are still challenging and fun to play. Muszka and Koni also thought it would be nice to bring them back in a whole new way. So, we have insured the most enjoyment you can get from such a story driven Campaign as this, with challenging game play and extensive reading for the average and above average player. Together, we bring you this extraordinary, one of a kind Campaign to life.

There's also a German translation available.