Winds of War Object Painter Brushes

These brushes can be downloaded and imported into your editor by choosing Tools, then Customize... On the tabs select the Obstacle Brushes menu and click on Import. The brush will then be available in the brush selection menu in the main window.

Read the tutorial for Importing and Using Brushes to learn how to use these. If you already know how to do that then read the tutorial for Creating Brushes to make your own.

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Autumn by Wildbear
Cold Water by Wildbear
Fields of Glory by Wildbear
Lava Objects by Wildbear
Spring by Wildbear

Black Mountains and Spring Forest by Wildbear
Labyrinth by Wildbear
Small Volcanic Islands by Wildbear
Volcanic Islands by Wildbear
Volcanos by Wildbear
Waterfalls by Wildbear

Grass by Ururam-Tururam
Mineral Cave by Ururam-Tururam
Sand Dunes by Ururam-Tururam
Shrubs One by Ururam-Tururam
Shrubs Two by Ururam-Tururam
Snow Dunes by Ururam-Tururam
The Wall by Ururam-Tururam
Wild Spring by Ururam-Tururam

Broad Leaved and Green Mountains by Wildbear
Evergreen Autumn Forest by Wildbear
Mushroom Caverns by Wildbear
Treasure by Wildbear
Village by Wildbear

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If you wish you can send us your own brush(es), as well as your own screenshot of how it looks in the editor. Just paint a full editor window with your brush, take a screenshot and send it as a high-quality Jpeg with your brush(es) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll do the rest.

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