I reopened Celestial Heavens in March of 2001 (because I thought the Astral Wizard news section wasn't updated as often as I wanted to!), which means that I have been active in the community for seven years now. I am not sure how I managed to stick around for so long and, during that period, update the front page more often that not, even during week-ends, holidays and (gasp) Christmas day. That's probably because of you, my dear readers, and the wonderful people who update the site and monitor the forums. The Might and Magic community must remain strong and united, and I hope Celestial Heavens contributes in some way to that ideal.

Of course, this is not a farewell post and I will try to hang on until Heroes VI (the various people I managed to piss off because of my straight talk will be disappointed!). The road ahead will not be easy because of the lack of activity and my new family situation, but that's certainly not a good reason to give up, is it? Long live Heroes!