The Might and Magic world has a quiet moment. Not even a patch to curse or bless. How about making you life more interesting with modding and mapmaking? Sounds too complicated? Then we have something for you.

First, EliteKill has written a nice "Modding for Dummies". Even if you have not done anything like that before, you should be able make some fun modifications to your game. This guide is likely to cover even more things in the future.

Second, myself finished the first version of "The basics of Heroes V scripting" (a pdf compressed to zip). It is a supplementary matterial for the official editor documents and describes the scripting language. Robenhagen even gave it a professional look!

If you have any further questions about modding or mapmaking, head over to Modcrafting or Mapmaking Guilds. And if you feel like writing some materials by yourself, nobody can stop you :)