There is a positive review of the Hammers of Fate expansion at GameSpy. Unlike GameSpot, William Abner noticed the subtlelty behind the design of the dwarven faction and actually used the word "cool" three times in a single page. On the pro side, he lists the uniqueness of the Fortress creatures, their abilities and the simultaneous turns. He even had a nice little success story about the artificial intelligence:

"In one scenario, the AI emerged from an underground entrance, captured a city that was undefended, took over all of the nearby resources, bought up all of the castle units, and then played cat and mouse with my hero, daring me to try to take back the castle. So while the AI in the campaigns offers little to no resistance, the map missions are much more of a challenge."

However, the expansions loses points for the dwarven hero bug, the weak campaigns (with a nod to the fan-made content) and the infamous cutscenes. The final score is 3 and a half stars out of 5.