Brett Todd of GameSpot played Hammers of Fate, and his impressions are on par with those of Greg Kasavin, who reviewed the original game. He criticizes Nival's decision to start the campaigns with Haven units ("what feels like outtakes from Heroes V") and points out the lack of challenge and the poor artificial intelligence.

"Yet even when the dwarves show up as a playable side in chapter two, the scenarios don't get any more interesting. The dwarves themselves offer some neat new units like the bear rider and the magma dragon, but they lack any sort of hook to make them play in a markedly different manner than the other Heroes V factions. Even worse, almost every one of the 15 campaign scenarios is a dull slog to clear a map."

On the good side, the author got caught in the action and found "an interesting retro feel that evokes Heroes III even more effectively than the original Heroes V." He enjoyed the new features such as the updated interface and the caravans, but recommends the game to the Heroes traditionalists mostly. The final score is 6.4 out of 10.