Activity has been high of late, as news of the game progress has filtered out to the community, and as fans have felt an increasing need to discuss these matters. The top story has been the delay; the game - originally scheduled for release by the end of March - will now be allowed additional time for some more... shall we say "tweaking".

As many of us predicted when the release date was first announced, the date was not as much a "deadline" as an opening estimation of when the game could be ready. As feedback from the community flooded the boards, the consensus came across that the game needed more than a little work before it could be said to be complete. An aggressive campaign was launched to get this message across to the game producers, and whether it was this feedback that was the actual cause for the postponement or not, the goal was reached as Fabrice officially announced the delay three days ago.

Elsewhere on the forum, interesting discussions about new mods of Equilibris have started up again after the Big Move, and the Campfire is burning like never before. If you feel the need to praise someone for something (anything!), play a game, read about crazy things going on in the world, or just talk about everything and nothing - feel free to pop by.