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I'm known as Thunder, but also by name Humakt. This is my mapsite where I've put all my Heroes of Might and Magic 4 and 5 maps for download. I've also uploaded here most of my Heroes of Might and Magic 3 maps, which have never been for download before (excluding Arganthia). I've also added comments to my H4 and H5 maps, comments that contain some map info and my view of the map.

You may notice that H3 maps lack map info. This is because I've decided that most of them are not worth putting here. I made most of my H3 maps for hotseat play with my buddies, so I added very little and mostly nonsense for map info.

I frequently visit Celestial Heavens, so you might find me there. You can also reach me by e-mail, in case you want to give me feedback about my site or maps.

Site Information
  • The maps can be downloaded by clicking their names.
  • AC stands for "Authour's Comments", in the case you want to heard my opinions of the maps.
  • You can view the screenshot of maps by clicking the map images.
  • Above (and some other minor parts) is done with Javascript, so you have to enable your browser to allow Javascript if some parts of the site don't show properly. Nevertheless, you should be able to view this site without allowing Javascript or in case your browser doesn't support it.