Masters of Sighisoara - a whole new continent!

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Re: Masters of Sighisoara - a whole new continent!

Postby HeroOfPunk » Nov 21 2016, 18:53

Karmakeld wrote:
HeroOfPunk wrote:Thank you very much Karmakeld, you have our respect as well, and we wish you further luck with your projects. Hit us up if you ever want to co-operate!

Thank you very much Panda! It is those few people that posts a comment or just gives a like on facebook that keep our spirit up. We are forever in debt to the Celestial Heavens Forums for forging this comradeship between me and Yurian, but also between us and the community.

Thank you, and I'd welcome you to any H4 project as well ;) Currently my projects list is quite filled up with The Tale of Young Mudgeon, the Unity campaign (and Every Dog has His Day most likely to follow), learning about modding and figuring out if I can help out with H4 HD edition.. But then again, what is spare time for eh :tired: (but honestly, I think there are a handful of people in this community that would like to collaborate on some of the untold stories of the Enroth/Axeoth universe, if that should ever have your interest - but lets see where I'm at in about 7 years ;) ).

Anyway, not gonna steal more of your thunder. Hope you get some thumbs up, following the release, to make it worth the process.

My speciality is mentioning my own project in other threads, so no need to worry about it ;)
Yes, I do follow your project from time to time!

Thank you for the kind words.
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Re: Masters of Sighisoara - a whole new continent!

Postby HeroOfPunk » Dec 5 2016, 20:28

Update time!

We are currently working on a single scenario map that will feature as a prologue to our fourth (and maybe final?) campaign.

Here is an in game screenshot of map 0 as it is currently called.

We are also working on a 1.1 version of Campaign 3 which will feature these updates:
Patch plans of Campaign 3 v1.1 Dec 4th 2016

*Fix loss conditions in map 2: Do not lose the hero Charles!
* Increase enemy heroes power by 33% in maps 2, 3 and 4
* Changes to map 2: All AI Heroes will start with *all* level 1 and 2 spells excluding Summon
and Scuttle Boat.
*Secondary skills of the main AI heroes should be rechecked in maps 2 and 3
*Extra check for typos
*ban the spell “Summon Water Elementals” in map 2
*ban the Artifact “Spellbinder’s Hat” in map 4
*All AI heroes will start with all level 1-3 spells in map 3 excluding Summon Boat and Scuttle Boat. Should spells of the 4th level be added to them in map 3? Most likely, yes. But which ones? This will have to be thought out carefully.
*check hero portraits *in all maps* to make sure that there will be no “doubles”
*slightly change the location of the Mighty and regular Gorgons in map 3 that guard resources near the Power Lich stack. No free resources any longer!
*make the Serpent Fly ambush on the bridge “for Player Only” type and not for the AI to fight (map 3)
*build Mage Guilds levels 1 and 2 to all AI and neutral towns at the start of the 3rd map
*more troop buildings (“dwellings”) in all AI starting towns at the start of the 3rd map
Up to the 3rd level (Orc unit dwelling)

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Re: Masters of Sighisoara - a whole new continent!

Postby Yurian Stonebow » Dec 11 2016, 3:11

Update on the night of Dec 10th/11th 2016

Dear H3 fans and followers of the Masters of Sighisoara Project

Update process for Campaign III is going quite well. I can report that everything's already settled with maps 1-3. Map 4 shall see the list of both bigger and smaller upgrades prepared for it actually added into the file no later than Thursday 15th of December. I am confident that we can present patch 1.1 to Campaign III to the audience at CH, HC, Heroesportal and Drachenwald before Christmas if the admins of the aforementioned sites are with us on this one. Please rest assure that we have not been idle for not only is the patch 1.1 to Campaign III being released shortly, but also, the as of yet unnamed Fourth Campaign is on its way. Plans for it are being studied and discussed by the Team and ideas are flowing steadily. Please note that we have already made good progress working on its prologue map, which is scheduled to be released before the 4th Campaign itself.

Here's proof that we have been diligently working on patch 1.1 of the MoS III campaign, "A Gyondrian's Tale".

Map 2, "The Wizard's Challenge" version 1.0 -----> 1.1 ReadMe

*Removed the skill Learning
*Removed the spell Summon Water Elementals
*Removed the artifact Orb of Inhibition
*Removed the artifact Necklace of Ocean Guidance
*Loss Condition: now the player Can't lose the hero Charles
*All AI players will now have 24, 12 and 6 worth of level
1-3 troops respectively in their starting army
*Boosted the main AI opponents' primary stats by 23%
*Main AI heroes now start from at least level 13
*Built Wall of Knowledge to all AI controlled Towers
*Built Mage Guild level 3 to all cities of the AI
*Re-opened access to the sea from Orange's starting area
*Added more stuff to be found on the sea
*Flagged one gold mine to all AI players from day 1
*Flagged one external dwelling to all Tower AI players
*General improvements for the Teal AI player:
-flagged one ore mine to Teal player from day 1
-stack of Wolf Raiders will join them near their city
-expanded and improved the bio of the hero Nomad Chief
-changed one of his secondary skills (from Artillery to FM)
-Teal has now Tavern available in his city but can recruite
only Stronghold heroes from there
-Nomad Chief will now feature in the Timed Event where
the player gets to read information of his main opponents
-added an event which gives 4 crystals and 10K gold
to the Teal AI player once a week
*Sir Mullich can no longer be recruited from the hero pool
*Made sure that there will be no "double" heroes, that is
heroes that share the same portrait
*Added the hero Headmistress for the AI to recruite
*Removed two Rumors
*Added one Event
*Added one Timed Event
*Minor graphical changes
*Expanded story events
*All Tower AI players have one External Dwelling flagged

With near Polar Night condition greetings from the Finnish Night Owl,

Don't worry if things are going badly today. They will be much worse tomorrow.

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Re: Masters of Sighisoara - a whole new continent!

Postby HeroOfPunk » Dec 17 2016, 14:49

So, the time has come for us to finally release:
Masters of Sighisoara III - A Gyondrian's Tale version 1.1.
The team has been working hard, listening to you, the players and your thoughts of the campaign. We now have, version 1.1:
*features 90 bug fixes or balance related changes
*adds new prominent AI heroes to fight
*expanded and improved storyline
*rebalanced AI factions will now offer more challenge
*new Quests
*graphical changes which will allow the player to explore
new areas in maps 2 and 3
About Masters of Sighisoara III:
The story of a young man, transcending into manhood, who tragically loses his parents.
Wanting to get off the island where he grew up, he runs into Lord Nimae, he is offered a way off the island, his decision will change his life forever.
Please send us feedback at
"Masters of Sighisoara - A whole new Continent"
You can find us on FB at
On the Internet:
What do you need to play:
A copy of Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Shadows of Death (Or complete, HoTA (not optimized), WoG (not optimized).
For the full experience, please refrain from using modifications of Heroes 3. HoTA was causing a bug in version 1, which we do believe is now ridden.

Version 1.1 updated by Yurian Stonebow!

The Trilogy Pack has also been updated and can be found here:

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Re: Masters of Sighisoara - a whole new continent!

Postby HeroOfPunk » Jan 27 2017, 15:01


Ok, time has finally come to release "Masters of Sighisoara - Ultimate Pack."
This is our, the Sighisoara teams work that we have done over 8 years.
It also features my very first map I ever started working on, and NEVER released before(version 0.9).
On top of that it features my very first "pure text" short story (18 pages pdf).

On top of that, enjoy all of this:
All Single Scenarios previously released by us
An ALL NEW single scenario, not previously released, called A Quest For No Mortal. Set in the first "draft" of Sighisoara. Made before Sighisoara is what it is today. Therefor no "true" storyline from the Sighisoara universe. Made by me around 2007, then polished by Yurian Stonebow.
Custom made music by Paul Anthony Romero and others.
Wallpapers between 720p-2k resolution.
A short story written by me. Set in the Sighisoara universe, it is about Havery, a young adventurer seeking artifacts across Sighisoara. Battling Dragons, lizardmen and vicious zombies (and more of course).

PS. If anything is missing, let me know, I've had to zip and all on a tablet...
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Re: Masters of Sighisoara - a whole new continent!

Postby maygwan » Feb 17 2017, 6:58

Great job guys on completion and it's nice to see it's finally out for all to enjoy.

I did help mainly on the first 2 campaigns and max and yurian pretty much carried the third themselves
with all the testers ect.

Overall a great project that i am proud to have been a part off.


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Re: Masters of Sighisoara - a whole new continent!

Postby HeroOfPunk » Feb 19 2017, 7:31

Maygwan, I have sent you an e-mail, to your old yahoo-mail about rejoining forces again.
We could need your speedy touch and we are in the startup of a new campaign...

Wheter you want to join forces again, or not, I want to thank you on behalf of the team. Your work has been invaluable to us, you brought our players puzzles and mind boggling challenges that only you are capable of. :)
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