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Will you buy Heroes 7?
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Might and Magic News

CH Launch Heroes 7 Q&A
More on the Dwarves
More on the Elves
Heroes VII Announced
GamesCom: Upcoming News
CH Mapwork
What Comes Next?
Maps for Testing
MMX Development Ends
E3 & Gamescom 2014
H4 Theme on Guitar
there are def. features in the...
   on page Heroes VII Q&A
The art looks GREAT!


   on page Heroes VII Q&A
Yeah, the Thane or a war machine...
   on page Heroes VII Q&A
Dragons with dwarfs again oh joy!...
   on page Heroes VII Q&A
in the movie: Pan's Labyrinth...
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CH Launch Heroes 7 Q&A  posted Tue, Aug 19 2014, 18:05 by Kalah 
Stop the presses! Put the TV remote down, tell the wife to be quiet and focus your attention to this screen. Celestial Heavens have just put together our first Q&A with Ubisoft and Limbic about the newly announced Might and Magic: Heroes VII.

Here are some highlights:
  • The editors are considered a key part of the game; the team are also planning a campaign editor.
  • Uplay is a must, but H7 will have a one-time online activation, no permanent connection is neccessary.
  • The battlefield and win conditions will see innovation.
  • 7 resources.
  • Neutrals are in.
  • Rob King and Paul Romero are doing the music.

Go here to read the whole article!

More on the Dwarves  posted Tue, Aug 19 2014, 11:36 by Kalah 
In the vote between the Fortress and the Sylvan factions as candidates for the release version of Heroes VII, Kaspar continues his tale with the Fortress.

As a history teacher, I personally quite like these nice little stories about the peoples of Ashan. They give a certain overview in an epic fashion, since they are being told from an outsider's perspective, and they don't go too deeply into detail, something you would expect from a fantasy book but which I find unsuitable for a small article about a video game. How do you find these little tales?

I addition to the expected lore, there is something about the Dwarven units; there is a crossbow in the sketch and Kaspar says most fighters carry axes, shields and daggers. They are also expert craftsmen, capable of building excellent siege engines. Rune magic makes a return too, with fire spells as well as instilling strength in warriors, forging objects and helping during sieges. Also mentioned is the Dwarven fighting spirit. Apparently, they never surrender. I wonder if that's just a lore thing or if using Fortress units gives the same gameplay effect as the Shackles of War?
1 comment

More on the Elves  posted Mon, Aug 18 2014, 16:34 by Kalah 
In the vote between the Fortress and the Sylvan factions as candidates for the release version of Heroes VII, fans have quite rightly been wanting more information about what these factions will actually contain. The Shadow Council page has rather epically brought forth a tale from Kaspar the necromancer, containing his knowledge about the wood folk. While much of his tale deals with the Elven people, there is also an interesting titbit about their combat style and units (some of which can be seen in the sketches in this picture):

"Elven armies are composed of a fluid array of smaller units, all of which seem to instinctively know what the army as a whole needs to do. The swiftest runners and best archers are scouts and skirmishers, reporting back to the nobles who command each unit. Usually Elves will screen their main force with a line of skirmishers who will serve to draw opponents into traps, where they can be pounded with arrows from three sides.

The main body of the army is more heavily armed and armoured. Elven cavalry is mostly light cavalry, again designed for speed and manoeuvrability over shocking power. Riders will fire arrows or throw spears from horseback, eschewing heavier weapons like lances."
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Heroes VII Announced  posted Wed, Aug 13 2014, 08:25 by Kalah 
It's official! Might & Magic: Heroes VII has been announced.

Developed by the good folks at Limbic, the game already has its own portal called The Shadow Council has been put up in order to communicate with the fans, much like the blog site used for the development of MMX. Already, there is an issue which requires our immediate attention: faction voting.

There will be 6 factions, two of which will be decided by the fans. The 4 given factions are Academy, Haven, Necropolis and Stronghold. The first vote is between, Fortress and Sylvan. Which one do you want? You have one month to make your vote count.

Read more about the game here and watch the trailer below!


GamesCom: Upcoming News  posted Wed, Aug 06 2014, 06:54 by Kalah 
After days of speculation, it is now clear that something Might & Magic related is scheduled for
GamesCom next week. Someone at Ubisoft have set up this counter along with a quote from the Griffin story line.

We wait eagerly for the counter to reach 0 and for news about what's coming to reach us.


H3: MYTH  posted Sat, Aug 02 2014, 10:29 by Kalah 
The Hungarian community have some big news for the Heroes III fans. A friend of Master Vologya's and the Hungarian Heroes team are making a new non-official expansion for Heroes III ROE. The expansion is called MYTH.

Vologya is saying that if the project goes well, they will also do an English translation of the game. Is this something that would interest you guys? Below is a description of the castles and if you follow this link, you can see the creatures of the castles.

1. Castle of LOYALTY (CASTLE), follower of the light. Order reigns among men in this knight's castle, loyalty is the cohesive force. Angels with superhuman strength, who never join the forces of Darkness, serve as a role model for them.

2. Castle of BRAVERY (RAMPART), follower of the Light. Peaceful beings from Middle Earth live in this castle, who are basically not fighters. But as soon as they are attacked mercilessly, they bravely stand up for each other.

3. Castle of PURITY (CONFLUX), follower of the Light. They rule over the elements of nature, but they never use their power abusively. Although Phoenixes turn to ashes when they die, their pure souls are always reborn!

4. Castle of MITHOLOGY (DUNGEON), follower of Gloom. These strange half-human, half-animal creatures do not respect the Gods of creation, but they intervene in the world of men, playing that they are their Gods themselves.

5. Castle of SORCERY (TOWER), follower of Gloom. The mana obscures these creature's power of judgement. So they are not virtuous, not even wicked, only faithless. They use the power of sorcery to reach their selfish purposes.

6. Castle of PERFIDY (FORTRESS), follower of Gloom. Scaly reptiles live in the swamps of deceit, who don't endanger others, but they easily take out with cold blood anyone who enters their territory.

7. Castle of CRUELTY (STRONGHOLD), follower of Darkness. The armies of Sauron are sworn to slaughter the unyielding alliance of men, show mercy to no one. Even the grass under their feet burns out.

8. Castle of DISMAY (NECROPOLIS), follower of Darkness. These stinky undead creatures possess the power of fear from death. They keep terrorizing the mortals with this dark force.

9. Castle of MISERY (INFERNO), follower of Darkness. These condemned creatures had denied the Light and themselves, since then they have been burning in excruciating pain. They have a temporary relief if they can tempt others to treachery.

CH Mapwork  posted Fri, Jul 25 2014, 16:42 by Kalah 
Maps. One of Celestial Heavens' greatest features. We have hundreds of maps available for Heroes I-V, but not many for Heroes VI. We know that the game was largely unsuccessful, and that the editor was too hard to use for most fans to create works of their own. As I speak, we only have four H6 maps available. We know there are more out there.
This, then, is our request to all H6 mapmakers: Submit your maps to Celestial Heavens! To do this, simply have a look on this page.

Most of the maps we have are for the old series; Heroes III-IV fans are still sending us single maps and recently, we have seen activity on a bigger scale as well: campaigns.
The Tale of Young Mudgeon is Karmakeld's latest creation; the first 5 maps in what is expected to be a massive 15-map user-made campaign! You can already download it from our campaigns page to try it out.
1 comment

What Comes Next?  posted Tue, Jul 08 2014, 07:59 by Kalah 
Now that development for MMX has formally ended, it's time to look to the future. Despite their shortcomings, Ubisoft have proved their intention to continue the franchise, and there is surely only a matter of a year or two before the next development arrives. So. Questions for the fans:

What is next?
Heroes VII? MM XI?
Who do you think/hope will make it?
What sort of a game do you think it will be? What features are you hoping to see?

Reply here and tell us what you think the future will bring!

Maps for Testing  posted Thu, Jul 03 2014, 13:36 by Kalah 
In these days of few happenings, we are happy to see that fans are still active in their production of maps. We have two maps needing testing at the moment, satisfying the needs of both H3 and H4 players;

This means War! - a small map for H3.
The Siege of Arderoth - a quick and simple single player map for H4.

Play! Give feedback! Have fun!

MMX Development Ends  posted Thu, Jun 19 2014, 08:12 by Kalah 
Limbic Entertainment have announced the conclusion of support for their latest game, MMX: Legacy:

"Today we announce the end of the Might & Magic X – Legacy project. Indeed, the development team is now switching to exciting new projects. It’s painful for all of us to say goodbye to MMX, but rest assured you will hear about Might & Magic again soon.
No further updates are planned for the game or the website but we will continue to monitor the OpenDev blog and the forums, so you can be sure we’re still reading your comments! Indeed, today we would like to leave you the virtual keys so you can record all the amazing things you achieved. If you would like to share any information about the game, unofficial patches, workarounds, mods etc. please let us know in the comments."

The end of support for the game will come as bad news for those who were hoping for an improvement in the modding system, but we are interested to hear about the "exciting new projects" Limbic are working on.

E3 & Gamescom 2014  posted Sun, Jun 08 2014, 12:15 by Kalah 
June is a great month for gamers: June 10-12 is E3; the Electronic Entertainment Expo held in Los Angeles convention center. Ubisoft will be there, in booth 1023, MR 305 - visit the expo home page for more information. Ubisoft will be streaming live on their Twitch channel, and if you're really interested, there is a press conference tomorrow, which you can follow here. Following the recent news that Ubi have teamed up with NVIDIA for their AAA titles, I guess these games are likely to eat up most of the attention.

13-17th of August sees this year's biggest European game exhibition staged in Cologne, Germany: Gamescom. Visit the official site for lots of good information for both visitors and fans. We know that Limbic will feature there and hope to get some news about what they have in the pipeline. Another MM game, perhaps?

H4 Theme on Guitar  posted Thu, May 22 2014, 17:21 by Kalah 

GOG Sale: Unbelievably Ubi  posted Sat, May 03 2014, 12:16 by Kalah 
Good Old Games have launched a weekend promo on Ubisoft games, with more than 40 Ubisoft titles 60% off. They're calling it Unbelievably Ubi.

Scrolling through the various bits and pieces on sale, I can see the H3 Complete edition, the H4 Complete edition, the H5 Bundle and the M&M 6-pack, all at bargain prices. Remember, GOG has no DRM on their games and everything is available for download without waiting time. That's why we love the place.

There are lots of other Ubi games too. Check out the GOG promo page to see all the offers.

Fabrice is Biking Bad  posted Mon, Apr 28 2014, 09:45 by Angelspit 
It's been quite a year for Fabrice Cambounet, producer of Heroes of Might and Magic V and Heroes Kingdoms. During the past year he left his position at Ubisoft, went through a divorce and sold his flat. All of that to embark on a dream to cross the United States, on his bike. His itinery, which starts in San Francisco and ends in New York, should take between four and six months according to his estimates. He might be leaving this Saturday and starting his journey in California a few days later. Fabrice started a blog to talk about his adventure and there are already several posts detailing his preparation and the motives behind his project. Follow the Blog, thw Facebook Page or the Google+ Page, or watch the video he made with a long series of screenshots from Google Maps showing the route he intends to follow:

I would like to wish Fabrice the best of luck. I will be watching his progress for sure.

Another DoC Expansion  posted Wed, Apr 16 2014, 15:00 by Kalah 
There is another expansion for Duel of Champions available, according to info relayed on the official Facebook page.

"The Heart of Nightmares update features 100 new cards, the all new Base Set 2, a completely revamped UI, new game formats, and much more!"
1 comment

Send us POTDs!  posted Sat, Apr 05 2014, 06:10 by Kalah 
You see the "Picture of the Day" on our site? It's rarely daily, this feature, and that's because we don't always have any new stuff to show you. Would you like some of your screenshots to be featured there? We are interested in various funny, interesting or other noteworthy pictures related to the M&M/Heroes series, so if you have any such shots, send them to us.

Sent to kalah@celestialheavens.com and tell us what the picture is about, and you may be featured here on the front page "Picture of the Day".
No comments allowed

CH Lives Forever!  posted Wed, Apr 02 2014, 05:05 by Kalah 
The staff at Celestial Heavens have been working around the clock, trying to ascertain the whereabouts of the mysterious user who posted fictitious news on our board yesterday.

Finding him, we made him "mysteriously disappear".

Rest assured, we will not be going anywhere any time soon; as long as there is a Community of Might & Magic fans who desire a place to go to for their news, maps and discussions about games in the franchise, CH will provide it.

Heroes live forever! EnoughT said.

The End of CH  posted Tue, Apr 01 2014, 12:19 by The_Jester 
After fifteen years in the game, it seems Celestial Heavens will be following the lead of GameSpy and shut up shop. For the past couple of years, interest in the Might and Magic series has been dwindling, and since fewer people are interested, the administrators have admitted that they don't see the point in having a fansite like this anymore.

"The official site and Facebook page can take care of all the info fans need, so we're shutting down in a few months time." one of them said after their staff meeting earlier today.

That's it for now - I'll try to get some more news about this later, and post it here before the site closes.

MMX DLC Announced  posted Thu, Mar 13 2014, 13:49 by Kalah 
The developers of MMX have just announced the upcoming release of a DLC called "The Falcon & The Unicorn".

Available from March the 27, the statement also says that Deluxe Edition owners will get this extra content for free on the same day. In addition to all this, there will also be a Steam version for Mac released.

The news is also available on the Facebook page.

MMX Review List  posted Tue, Mar 11 2014, 05:28 by Kalah 
Along with our own review, published a month ago, we have assembled a collection of reviews from various sites on the web. In it, you may find quick summaries and scores, as well as links to the off-site reviews themselves.

These are just some of the many reviews and video blogs out there, though, and if you head over to the Ubisoft review collection, you can also find reviews in different languages.
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Mullich & Vanover Interview on H3  posted Tue, Feb 25 2014, 16:37 by Kalah 
To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Heroes III (Friday the 28th), Ubisoft have released an interview with two of the guys behind it: David Mullich and Chris Vanover. Sir Mullich speaks about how he was drafted into the production and his thoughts around how the team was put together, while Sir Christian gives us a short talk about the creativity process.

"I had few concerns when I left the project for a few days when my wife gave birth to our second son. When I returned to the office, my team surprised me by creating a new hero for the game, Sir Mullich, whose in-game description was, “Generally stoic, Sir Mullich is prone to spasmodic fits of uncoordinated excitement believed to intimidate his troops into working faster.”"

Read the whole thing here.

Zero Punctation Review: MMXL  posted Mon, Feb 24 2014, 15:41 by Angelspit 
I came across a Zero Punctuation review of Might and Magic X by chance on Reddit. If you're unfamiliar with this column, well you need to be properly caffeniated, open your ears wide, and not mind the NSFW language:

Do you agree or disagree with the criticism from the review?

MMX Patch 1  posted Fri, Feb 21 2014, 12:13 by Kalah 
Limbic have announced the release of the first update for Might & Magic X. Along with the list of updates, they have also commented on the issues still remaining. Here's a list of things in the first patch:
- 3 new dungeons
- Fixed modding kit
- 16/10 resolution
- Spirit beacon bug fixed
- etc.

The devs also say that they're working on a Mac version of MMX to be released in the first half of 2014.

See the full list of updates here.
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Special Sale on UPlay and Steam  posted Fri, Feb 21 2014, 08:56 by Angelspit 
Ubisoft is having a sale on several games, including their Might and Magic titles. Included in the mix is Might and Magic X, with a 25% discount. Check out the Ubisoft Web site. I cannot see the sale from my location, but I will trust my good informer!

Deals can also be found on Steam, during the Ubisoft week-end. You can get Heroes V or Clash of Heroes for $2.49, among others, or a franchise pack that contains all the recent Might and Magic games (excluding Might and Magic X). Have a look here.

Happy shopping!
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Our MMX Review  posted Thu, Feb 06 2014, 07:38 by Kalah 
The big sites have had their say, and now it is our turn to speak. Just added to our list of game reviews is our in-house review of Might & Magic X: Legacy.

The review is written by Tress, one of our loyal members and a real fan of the Might & Magic series.

Having had to be quite stern in our criticism of the previous instalment of the Heroes series, it is pleasing to see that the results of Limbic's efforts, while it would never produce a AAA title, does indeed seem to be a good step in the right direction. Hopefully this is a step that may lead to more, bigger, games in the future.

Read the MMX review here.

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