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H7: Would you prefer 2D or 3D townscreens?
I don't care.
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Minasli, one of the [more]
Might and Magic News

Voting for Vampires!
H7: Tales of the Ten Years War - Part 9
H7: Haven's Hall of Heroes
New Old Heroes Music
PR Event Info Soon™
H7: New of the game - March Part 1
Heroes Online Tournament
H7 Development Update
Ubi: - Win Invitation To PR Event!
H7: Battles system
H7: Tales of the Ten Years War - Part 7
H7: New Academy's Might Heroes
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Voted and voted! Monster and...
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With the mummy design, for once...
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Voting for Vampires!  posted Thu, Mar 26 2015, 17:21 by Kalah 
No, this isn't a petition to get more 'Twilight' books printed (shudder), it's a story about you being able to vote for your favoured H7 Vampire design. By going to the Shadow Council website, you will be able to vote for your favourite of three possible designs: The Vampire Knight, The Night Lady or The Blood Monster.

Two possible innovations here; there is a sword-less alternative, so Limbic may bring back the melee monster we know from earlier incarnations of the series, and there is also the possibility of the vampire being of the female persuation.

The fans have been screaming their proverbial heads off, complaining that the Vampire design shown earlier was both silly and merely a re-hash of assets from Heroes VI. Taking the "advice" to heart, the Devs said they would see if it was possible to change the designs. They did, and apparently it was, so the fans should be happy to see their hard work (shouting at devs is such a strain on the throat, we know) pay off. Finally, then, you can all vote for your favoured design and get something proper into the coming Heroes VII game.

Oh, and there is also a vote on the Lich design. But who cares. Liches suck.

H7: Tales of the Ten Years War - Part 9  posted Thu, Mar 19 2015, 18:46 by Aemaeth 
Dear Heroes,

A new struggle appears in Ashan, in Seamus' Empire. The Duke Ivan wants to show the people Seamus' atrocity in different nations and frontiers.
A War is about to begin, and all characters have to pledge loyalty to the Emperor, or join the “traitorous” Duke of Griffin.

Using Talonguard as his base of operations, Ivan would gather his and Stefan’s forces, march on Horncrest and remove Seamus from the Holy Throne. Of course, thanks to the information I had obtained on my end, he already knew that beyond the borders of the Stag Duchy, Seamus was also preparing for war…

See more on Heroes VII Dev Blog.

1 comment

H7: Haven's Hall of Heroes  posted Thu, Mar 19 2015, 18:34 by Aemaeth 
Dear Heroes,

Some days ago, Dev Team present Haven's Heroes on Heroes VII Blog. Players can read the specs of four new Heroes:
- Kryztoff, Inquisitor, with a Magic bonus when summoned.
- Tyris, Nice Paladin, whom can increase the production of Cavaliers and Cuirassiers each week in the Area of Control.
- Ymoril, Brave Paladin, whom can increase the production of Guardians and Justiciars each week in the Area of Control.
- Edric, Vincicator whom can increase the production of Wolves of Griffins each week in the Area of Control.

Players have asked Ubisoft which type hall of Heroes developers will implement in the game:
- Recruit any heroes we want, like H6 and H4,
- Or having a tavern, like H5 and H3...
Ubi Nox has sent a message for the community, in order to clear players questions:
Please keep in mind that those Heroes specializations only are 4 examples, there will be of course more variety on this topic. Moreover, Heroes presented in this page are the regular “tavern” heroes but you will also be able to recruit Heroes with a special role in MMH7 story or universe, those ones will have also their own specializations.

See more on Heroes VII Dev Blog.

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New Old Heroes Music  posted Mon, Mar 16 2015, 16:10 by Kalah 
The devs have done some spring cleaning and by chance discovered an old piece of music from the 3DO days.

Pop over here to hear the track on Soundcloud.

PR Event Info Soon™  posted Sun, Mar 15 2015, 15:58 by Kalah 
In case you're wondering where is the information about the press event held in Paris this weekend, you may have to wait a while.

I refer you to the small print of the contest Ubisoft held earlier: (...) no information is shared before embargo time (end of March, exact date to be confirmed).

There is still no exact date released, so I suppose soon™ is the best we can do so far.

H7: New of the game - March Part 1  posted Wed, Mar 11 2015, 06:57 by Aemaeth 
Dear Heroes,

The Heroes VII DevTeam has published some information about the game since the beginning of march.
First of all, the 8th part of Tales of the Ten Years War was released. With this story, players had more information about the election of Seamus na Feidh, Duke of Stag, as the Emperor. After seven years of war, people trust him to put an end to the conflicts... It was not very efficient...
Secondly, developers gave a bunch of screenshots. You can find some of them directly in our gallery.
Finally, a part of the community was complaining about the art direction of Necro faction, they gave us Might Heroes's concept and some of their abilities. Players are quite satisfied of modifications !

See more details on Heroes VII Dev Blog.


Heroes Online Tournament  posted Tue, Mar 03 2015, 17:54 by Kalah 
Blue Byte have announced The Champion of Ashan, a tournament for Heroes Online, the prizes of which include a Playstation 4, big Amazon gift certificates and enough moolah to keep the party going for weeks:

"The Champion of Ashan Tournament is a PvP based tournament in which everyone can participate. The preliminaries will be fought in each environment individually at which end the top 10 of the main league from each server are nominated for the finals.
During the preliminaries you have to fight ranked PvP duels to earn the necessary points to get to the main league and to the top of the main league. But that’s not all, you can also sign up for a wildcard lottery from which, randomly, 2 additional players will be nominated for the finals."

The full article with information about the competition and the prizes can be found here.

Sign up for Heroes Online today and get to work on the tournament!
1 comment

H7 Development Update  posted Wed, Feb 25 2015, 04:03 by Kalah 
The official blog has brought out an update on how things are going. Head on over there to read about how the devs are doing on:

The Adventure map,
Combat map,
Hero Management,
Town Management,
Story & Music,
Level design.

Ubi: - Win Invitation To PR Event!  posted Wed, Feb 18 2015, 19:00 by Kalah 
Ubisoft have announced a contest where you can win tickets to a fan day along with "a great selection of various gaming magazines and websites from different countries to present the game progress and unveil some new exciting information" on Friday, March 13th near Paris (France).

How to participate:
Basically, you have to participate in the comments section on the official blog site and prove that you're a big Heroes fan. As they say - "share in the comments section why you think you are the hardest Heroes fan, share pictures, videos or anything that could support this statement! Originality will be rewarded and even if you are not selected in the end, your contribution will be rewarded through this website. ".
Deadline: Feb. 25th 00:00 CET.

Of course, this is a total rip-off of our own contest held back in December and one we held back in 2011, but as it goes through the official site there will probably be more participants, meaning a smaller chance to win, meaning that the CH contests are the best.

More info here.

H7: Battles system  posted Wed, Feb 18 2015, 07:40 by Aemaeth 
Dear Heroes,

Might & Magic Heroes VII introduce exploration and battles, and this second system is presented on a new bill on Dev Blog.
On twelve points, the entire system is explained, even implicit aspects.
Of course, lots of them are inspired from past opus, but Dev team has tried to integrate older systems and improve them for the next game.

This article is about what changes, novelties and also current balancing tasks on Heroes VII's battle system. You'll find out the recipe is not really changed but we're trying to make battles more interesting and varied.

For many of you, some of those elements can appear to be “implicit” but this website is a place for all kind of Heroes :)

See more details on Heroes VII Dev Blog.


H7: Tales of the Ten Years War - Part 7  posted Thu, Feb 12 2015, 04:09 by Aemaeth 
Dear Heroes,

Now it's the time to discover some interesting things about Falcon Duchy's secrets. A new tale is available and reveal lots of features about the Ten Years War and the destiny of Ivan.
With those details, announced by Spy Master, we will see the deadliest years of the war, with an empire entirely submerged by battles.

Looking for guidance, Ivan decided to visit the abbey of Skarena, one of the Empire's oldest temples of Elrath. Two figures were waiting for him inside. One was an Elf druid, who introduced himself as Tieru. The other was the Angel Murazel, and she was offering to reveal the truth about Sandalphon's death.

See more on Heroes VII Dev Blog.

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H7: New Academy's Might Heroes  posted Wed, Feb 11 2015, 11:52 by Aemaeth 
Dear Heroes,

Two days later, a new bill was published on Heroes VII dev blog, and developers have presented Academy's Might Heroes.
Those Might Heroes will be divided into 3 classes:
- Blademage, real warriors of the Academy.
- Alchemist, focus only on prime and Water magic.
- Sheriff, law officers of the faction.

Players' reactions are quite numerous, and some didn't understand the choice of having created Sheriff... Maybe developers will give more information about this lineup when the will present Magic Heroes...

See more details on Heroes VII Dev Blog.

Post a comment!

Sir Mullich Interview  posted Mon, Feb 09 2015, 17:41 by Kalah 
As Heroes III: HD was launched, Ubisoft also released an interview with David Mullich, director of HoMM III back in the days of NWC. Now teaching game production at the Los Angeles Film School, you can still follow him on his blog.

I half expected the thing to appear on the official blog, but since it hasn't I'll direct you to the fan sites instead. Here's the whole interview on Acidcave.

Heroes III HD Review at PC Gamer  posted Wed, Feb 04 2015, 13:04 by Angelspit 
PC Gamer reviewed the recently released HD edition of Heroes of Might and Magic III. They say the gameplay still shines after all these years:

"HOMM III remains an excellent game. Even with just the base, you get seven campaigns, 50 skirmish maps and a map-editor, and it’s only really the availability of the original that gets in the way. It’s a game best defined not by its strategy as such but in the satisfaction of each individual act; the turn-based equivalent of looting monsters in something like Diablo, with just about every move adding a little something to your stockpile of gold or gems or units, and building up towns and armies turn by turn, squad by squad, to be able to go from fearing a few wolves hanging around town to being an unstoppable deathball rolling over the whole map"

On the other hand, they cannot recommend the purchase of the HD remake:

"It’s hard to recommend anyone buy it. The redrawn graphics are okay, if nothing particularly special, but there’s a problem. The original version of HOMMIII is already available on GOG.COM, and fans have long since modded it to run at modern desktop resolutions. You don’t get the new sprites that way, but this is a turn-based 2D game from 1999. Updated or not, it was never going to out-shine the prettiness of successors like Age of Wonders III. Put against the original game, the difference isn’t even particularly noticeable."

Get the full review over here.

Heroes VII: February Screenshots  posted Mon, Feb 02 2015, 16:23 by Aemaeth 
Dear Heroes,

H7's Dev Blog announce new screeenshots for player which cannot wait no longer for more information.
Fans can discover 2 screenshots for the adventure map, new environments and some combat map.

So, as me, have you fond some nice information about the game in those screenshots?

Hello Councillors,

Let's start this week (& month) with some new screenshots of Might & Magic Heroes VII!
It's been a while since the last batch of screenshots but we hope this will permit you to bear the wait until faction's videos!

Please keep in mind that those screenshots are work in progress and won't reflect final quality/ambiance of the game.

Find more information on Heroes VII Dev Blog.


H3 HD Launched  posted Thu, Jan 29 2015, 12:21 by Kalah 
Today saw the release of the remake of the most celebrated game in the franchise, Heroes of Might and Magic III, on Steam. The wait is over, you can now buy the polished version and see it for yourself, whether it is worth the hype or not. Later, you can play it on tablets too, which is nice.

You can follow their channel on twitch.

Blog Q&A 3 released  posted Tue, Jan 27 2015, 06:36 by Kalah 
Finally some news; an interesting Q&A. By "interesting" we mean that it contains new information or at least confirmation on certain bits of information the Community at large have been asking for, rather than things that are either old news or obvious. Here we go, then:
  • Flexible adventure map dwellings.
  • Buildings can be destroyed, but not without consequences.
  • Terrain influences movement.
  • You can dig for treasure.
  • "Fast combat" is available.
  • All the typical game modes we're used to are in - possibly more.
  • Achievements and artefact sets are in.
  • There are neutrals. Sea elves and griffins are disclosed, more probably to follow.
  • More adventure map spells than in H6.

Read the whole Q&A here.
1 comment

Weekend Magic Jump - MM:H7 News Summary  posted Sun, Jan 25 2015, 14:15 by Pol 

At last Ubi's Master Cabir succeeded and after lot of hard effort created Acadamy section. There you can see short units description, Kaspar's commentary and pre-planned abilities. That all for likely final Cabir - Gargoyle - Golem - Djinn - Rakshasa - Apprentice - Arcane Eagle & Colossus line. Don't forget everything is in beta stage and nothing is final. Numbers are still a mystery.

Academy is now having nice touching theme - The Wizards Waltz, therefore we may summon Sound Council to place your opinion. You can compare with previous themes, For Green Falls and The Elven Coronation.

Concept of Heroes VI. Necropolis is touting a grand return. Everything is perfect here, we heard from Ubi, and the faction style suits new game. With Bone Dragon as top tier unit, Ebony Spider in the middle and apocalyptical Grim Reaper as second top tier unit. Necro line seems to be: Skeleton/Skeleton Hoplite - Ghost/Banshee - Ebon Spider/Death Spider - Lamasu/Plague Lamasu - Lich/Arch Lich - Vampire/Vampire Knights - Bone Dragon/Spectral Dragon - Grim Rider/Grim Reaper. No abilities are known, expect innovations, they were announced. Hear that traditional H3 Necromancy skill should be back on track. Our favourite Sveltana Anastasya could perhaps shed more true light there, in the future campaign. But for now my bets stay with Kaspar.


H7 Necropolis Lineup  posted Fri, Jan 23 2015, 12:00 by Kalah 
The first part of the Necropolis lineup has been revealed.

The developers have chosen a traditional path, going with skeletons and ghosts, but also spiders.

One can only speculate as to whether this means more traditional creatures will appear; the lich, the vampire and the bone dragon come to mind. Let's wait and see.

Blog Q&A 2 released  posted Sat, Jan 17 2015, 14:01 by Kalah 
While the first Q&A was so uninteresting that we ignored it almost completely, the second instalment is a bit more up-to-date:
  • Modifying hero and creature size might be possible.
  • Funny creature animations are go, as are "cool cams".
  • Weather effects yes, day/night no, but the latter can be messed around with in the map editor.
  • Not as much "colour coding" of the factions in H7. Yaay. Less purple, green, purple ...
  • Cinematics yes, gamepad support no.

Read the whole thing here.

Might & Magic: Heroes 20th Anniversary  posted Thu, Jan 08 2015, 15:48 by Aemaeth 
Dear heroes,

2015 is the year of the 20th birthday of Heroes' serie. Because of the launch of Heroes VII this year, developers will communicate about the entire serie and show us some old background and secrets of the game.
On Might & Magic Heroes VII Dev blog, you can discover two new design which represent some maps of all Heroes' serie.

So happy Birthday Heroes of Might & Magic !!!


H7: Magic Guilds  posted Thu, Jan 08 2015, 07:13 by Kalah 
A post on the official blog tells us more about the "Magic Guilds" (sic.) and for older players, the info should be quite familiar. As in previous instalments of the series, you will be able to build it into (4) levels, each level teaching you more spells:

"Each level of the magic guild grants four spells, plus another per level if an Arcane Library has been built. Which means a total of 16 spells for a fully upgraded magic guild in any town, and 20 for an Academy town."

Simply visiting a town will automatically teach the hero more spells. Logically, you cannot get all types of magic from any given town; some towns are incompatible with certain magic and refuses to teach them.

Read more here.

Heroes III HD Available for Preorder  posted Tue, Jan 06 2015, 13:55 by Angelspit 
Ubisoft announced that the HD remake of Heroes of Might and Magic III is now available for preorder on Steam and the Uplay Store.

  • "A completely new HD experience: re-live the Heroes® III in HD, a true craftsmanship which offers players updated graphics, with wide screen compatibility.

  • Enjoy the critically acclaimed Heroes® III gameplay, with 7 exciting campaign scenarios, around 50 skirmish maps, a local multiplayer mode and a map editor.

  • A new online multiplayer mode: Now Steamworks compatible, Heroes® III offers an online multiplayer lobby, where you can share your experience with the Heroes® III community."

  • The game is scheduled for a release on Steam, Android & iOS tablet on January 29th.

    HoMM 2 Offline Tournament  posted Thu, Jan 01 2015, 19:12 by Kalah 
    Do you like Heroes II? Would you like to play in an offline tournament? HandBookHMM.ru are arranging one, with a New Year Mod set up:

    "In order to refresh the homm2 gaming experience and deatomize the community of Heroes 2 players, a team of enthusiasts created this New Year mod! This development allows to change the game atmosphere towards the New Year theme, i.e. modifies several creatures (Goblin, Orc, Sprite, both Dwarves, Halfling, Boar, Mage, Ghost) featured in the tournament and transforms the Tree of Knowledge to a beautiful Christmas Tree!"

    Go here to find detailed instructions about the contest!

    Christmas 2014  posted Wed, Dec 24 2014, 04:39 by Kalah 

    Merry Christmas!

    Celestial Heavens wish you all a wonderful year, with hopes for good games in 2015 and for the Communities to prosper and thrive. May you find games under the tree and play them for days and days.

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